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AudioCodes SBC – Set up for Dual Registration of MediaPacks

Awesome, so you configured the MediaPacks, but you still wonder how to set things up on the SBCs?

This article will describe how to do this in as much detail as possible. Let’s jump right into it.

First, we want to get our Core Components under control. Start building a SIP interface for the media packs. Go to Setup –> Signaling & Media –> Core Components and SIP interfaces. Click on New to create a new interface.

Configure the port and protocol used for signaling, and attach a LAN media realm to the interface.

Set Network Interface accordingly and choose the Application Type to be SBC. Click on Apply.

Remember that if you use WAN IP addresses to register your MediaPack endpoints, you should use TLS connections to encrypt. Also, be strict on your classification filters, which we will configure next.

While your MediaPack setup does not require a Proxy Set, we must provide an IP Profile and an IP group.

Go to Setup –> Signaling & Media –> Coders & Profiles and click on IP profiles. Click on New.

Usually, all we have to do when working with analog endpoints is to ensure that Media Encryption is turned off. The rest of the IP Profile can be left as the default configuration. Set SBC Media Security Mode to Not Secured, and give the IP profile a name. Click on Apply.

Create a new IP group for the MediaPacks. Go to Setup –> Signaling & Media –> Core Components and IP groups. Click on New.

Give the IP Group a name, set Type to User, and add your IP Profile & Media Realm.

Go to the SBC General section and disable Classify by Proxy Set. Click on Apply.

Move to Classification to configure classification filters. Go to Setup –> Signaling & Media –> SBC and Classification. Click on New.

Name the classification filter, put the configured SIP Interface, and specify the source IP address. Making several entries is more secure than adding whole ranges of IP addresses.

Add the Source IP Group that we created, and click Apply. We are now ready to accept registrations.

We must allow register requests on the SIP interface we created for the MediaPack registrations. Go to Setup –> Signaling & Media –> SBC and IP to IP routing. Click on New.

Give the entry a name, and configure the following parameters.

Source IP Group: Our MediaPack IP Group
Request Type: REGISTER
Destination Type: All Users
Destination IP Group: Our MediaPack IP Group
Destination SIP Interface: Our MediaPack SIP Interface

Click on Apply.

The last bit needed is to set up proper routing. Setting up routing is out of the scope of this article. But it could look something like this.

I hope this will help you proceed. All questions are welcome.

Until next time!

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