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AudioCodes SBC – Remove Privacy Header

Hey guys!

Just a quick one from the hip. The other day, I ran into a problem at a customer site and wanted to share the story.

We have been working on a more extensive DECT integration to Microsoft Teams, using AudioCodes SBCs as a middleman routing system. The DECT system seems to be a bit outdated without knowing anything about the system. We had complications adding it to our Azure Cloud SBC setup, mainly because the DECT system did not accept traffic from my signaling and media component IP addresses of the high-availability Cloud SBC setup. The DECT system wanted all communication to happen on an IP-to-IP basis.

Long story short, we had to rethink how we would integrate and ended up using Mediant 1000B SBCs in a redundant pair.

Lucky for us, the customer had a few in stock from a former site installation of a different site.

During the integration phase, we experienced a problem showing numbers on the DECT devices. We wanted to do a simple setup, with Teams being the main telephony entry point and a range of “dummy numbers” set up as simultaneously ringing on the Team’s clients to reach the DECT devices. As of writing this article, you must ensure these “dummy numbers” are in an e.164 standard format, or you will have issues routing calls to the DECT phones.

After analyzing the Syslog with the vendor to understand where the problem was, we all agreed that the privacy header added from Teams could be the potential issue.

Well, let’s go then, delete the privacy header!

Log into your SBC and navigate to the Message Manipulation area. Setup –> Signaling & Media –> Message Manipulations and click “New” on the right, as shown here.

This example will remove the header entirely and do the trick on our problem. You might want to do manipulations to the rule instead, which I will show some examples of “how-to” further down this article.

Name: This is a description field
Manipulation ID: The ID you later on put in your IP group configuration
Row Role: Use Current Configuration
Message Type: Any
Action Subject: Header.Privacy
Action Type: Remove
Action Value: Empty

Working with Message Manipulations is a more complex part of the AudioCodes SBC area. The documentation is very basic, and doesn’t give you much “how-to” information. Using the built-in editor can be very helpful in what options you have available when making the manipulation rules.

Using the Editor will help you to validate the action subject fields before putting them to the test and later on into service.

Now that we have created our Message Manipulation rule, we need to add it to the IP group configuration.

Navigate to IP groups. Setup –> Signaling & Media –> Core Components –> IP Groups. Click on the IP group you want to configure and go to the Message Manipulation section. Enter the Manipulation ID from the rule we just created.

After removing the Privacy header, the DECT devices started showing the correct number calling, and everything was fine. As you can see in the Syslog, we removed the header by implementing the message manipulation rule.

Removing the header is a simple task. But what if I wanted to remove the header based on what type it was?

First, let’s dig into what options we have. Here is a snippet from AudioCodes documentation.

Converting that quickly to actual AudioCodes SBC config, we could set it up like this. That will remove the type of Privacy Header we have just removed. Using this method could be useful if you wanted to remove specific types of Privacy Headers only.

I hope this has helped you on your journey to get rid of Privacy headers that ruin your day. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Until next time 🙂

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